Pronostic PRIX Snow Chief S. presented by City National Bank (Stakes) R16 - C8

25/05/2024 - 01:46 • Plat • usa-santa anita park
Pari Simple
Nb chevaux : 10
Prix : 116822€
Discipline : Plat
Distance : 1800m
Conditions : FOR GOLDEN STATE SERIES ELIGIBLE CALIFORNIA BRED OR CALIFORNIA SIRED THREE-YEAR-OLDS. By subscription of $100 each if made on or before Thursday, May 16, 2024, closed with 18 or by Supplementary nomination of $25,000 due at time of entry for Non Golden State Series eligible horses or $2,500 for Golden State Series eligible horses. $937 to enter and an additional $937 to start with $125,000 guaranteed of which $75,000 to the winner, $25,000 to second, $15,000 to third, $7,500 to fourth, $2,500 to fifth. 124 lbs. Non-Winners of a Sweepstakes at One Mile or Over allowed 2 lbs. Non-Winners of A Race other than Maiden, Claiming or Starter at One Mile or Over allowed 4 lbs. A trophy will be presented to the winning owner. (Rail at 10 feet).
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Pronostic et partants - PRIX Snow Chief S. presented by City National Bank (Stakes) - 25/05/2024 - USA-SANTA ANITA PARK R16 C8